Mixed Methods

Mixed-Methods: Authors writing about mixed-methods studies must clearly define their studies' overall designs. In doing so, they must explain in their Method section the role of each method within the design (e.g., qualitative data informing the collection of quantitative data or qualitative data collected concurrent with quantitative data). They must also provide a rationale for the design. Next, they are to explain for readers how the rest of the manuscript will address the qualitative data. Authors must sparingly use quantitative data, if any, when it is paramount for understanding the qualitative data. The thrust of the manuscript must address qualitative data.

Authors who collected qualitative data as a component of a quantitative survey must cite research literature to describe how their research design (a) adhered to mixed-methodology and (b) generated valid qualitative data. Simply having an open-ended section for survey respondents to complete does not meet the JEQR publishing criteria for mixed-methods design and qualitative data collection.